The Arts Society Portsdown was formed in 1984 to provide its members with an increased understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of Art in its broadest sense. We hold lectures at 2pm on the second Thursday of the month for ten months of the year (we don’t meet in August and September) at St Nicholas Church Centre, Bedhampton.

Guests and non-members are welcome to attend lectures by arrangement with the Membership Secretary. A voluntary donation of £5 is requested which may be declared as Gift Aid. Study days, outings and tours are also arranged to achieve our aims and in the hope that members derive pleasure and fun from all our activities.

The Society is a charity and encourages and supports Young Arts by sponsoring art projects in local schools. Some volunteers assist in conserving artistic treasures locally. When the society was formed, the Harvest Mouse was chosen as our logo as, like our members, it is an intelligent, inquisitive creature which lives on Portsdown Hill. Please follow the links above for further information on the interesting opportunities to be gained by joining The Arts Society Portsdown.

Airedale Solutions have changed our web site to The Arts Society. If it looks a little odd please refresh your browser whilst viewing the page. This is usually done by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard or the circular arrow button on your browser.

For the benefit of members with hearing aids, the sound system includes a 'loop' facility which is accessed by switching your ear piece to the "T" setting.

A summer outing to Dorset has been organised for Wednesday 20th June 2018.  See 'Outings' for details.